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There are many ways to lend a hand. In addition to tax preparers, we need client greeters, bilingual screeners and data entry volunteers. Volunteers will work in teams to prepare the returns, so you don't necessarily need a tax background to help. Tax experts will be on site to answer any questions you have along the way.

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2. Are you fluent in one of the following languages?

This information is important in case we have client(s) at one of the tax sites who speaks another language.

3. Do you have any dietary restrictions?

4. Please rate your level of tax proficiency.

5a. I have used the following tax software:

This information will help the site manager assign positions during each session.

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7. CPAs/EAs: Please select the option that best matches your level. (Proceed to #8 if not applicable)

8. I understand that as serving as a volunteer for Tax-Aid, a 501c3 nonprofit public charity, I am an important and designated representative of Tax-Aid, and I agree to work with Tax-Aid in achieving its mission. I agree to perform my volunteer duties professionally and in accordance with this Agreement and the guidelines as set out in the Volunteer Handbook and Reference Manual. The full contents and text of the Handbook is available on the Tax-Aid web site, www.tax-aid.org/tax-volunteers.

I understand that during the course serving as a volunteer, confidential information may be made available to me. I understand that confidential information must not be released outside the Tax-Aid organization. I understand that I only share confidential information inside the Tax-Aid organization when it is relevant to the preparation of a tax return for a Tax-Aid client. I will not knowingly prepare a false return. I will not solicit business from taxpayers or use knowledge gained from Tax-Aid for any direct or indirect purposes.

I will not engage in criminal, infamous, dishonest, notoriously disgraceful conduct or any conduct deemed to have a negative effect on Tax-Aid. I will treat all taxpayers in a professional, courteous and respectful manner.

I understand and agree to Tax-Aid's use of my photograph for their publications, presentations, and/or other media-related purposes.

I hereby release Tax-Aid, its officers, directors, employees, and agents from any claims, lawsuits, or actions I, my heirs, or legal representatives may have for any personal injury and/or property damage I may incur as a result of my volunteer services.